advice please

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Ok not sure if posting in the right section but here goes ... My boyfriend has told me a while back that he's not going nowhere and he plans on marrying me. Fast forward recent he sort of spilled the beans about proposing to me soon talking with my family about things and leaving me in the dark but of course not saying exactly when because of surprise to me. I'm all for that, but fast forward now, things has totally turned around since finding out I'm pregnant in August boyfriend is talking about pushing things up much sooner and I still haven't told my mom yet or his parents but we've been talking about how we're going to announce the pregnancy and he's been thinking about the timing of his proposal. Asking for advice here just curious do you ladies think it would be best to announce both at the same time or the proposal first then wait to do the pregnancy announcement? Keep in mind we've already talked about marriage and kids long before I found out recently and he's already informed my family well immediate family about us being married soon. I guess I just don't want "dirty looks" like it was rushed because we're pregnant.advice please ?