What do I do??

Not long found out my SO and I are expecting our first baby (unplanned) 
His cousins wedding is three months after my due date!! They wanted us to come and said the baby is welcome but I'm a first time mumma and I don't know how that would work :/ 
So my choices really are 
Either me just stay at home with the baba (which I feel like my SO would be sad about) 
Take the baby with us (few hours drive) and I'm not sure what to expect by doing that ? 
Someone (a parent of ours) looks after the baby while we go to the wedding 
Also with the wedding and party, I am not planning on staying the night (hoping my SO doesn't want to) as he's my ride! Will only stay for as long as I have to and leave. 
Thank you and any advice is very welcome!! 

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