So excited wish my family was also

Just found out I'm having my 4th child with my so. I have 2 boys(7 and 5) from a previous and just had another boy with my fiancée this past May (almost 4 months). I told my mom and the word she used was Furious. Other people I have told thinks I'm joking, no one except my so, my oldest (my 5 year old doesn't know yet), and myself seem happy about it. His mom won't believe I'm pregnant until the doctor confirms it then she will be happy for us. We are grown adults in our 30s and yet my family thinks they can control me and tell me what to do. I told my mom that this was our decision and we don't need a lecture about it. We have had fights but we are not the fight, break up, make up, then repeat couple. He also wasn't around alot to help over the summer but we have talked about that, and how I need more help from him with the boys. He understands now, made him stay with the boys for an hour to see a portion of my day. I guess I'm just bummed and would like someone happy for us!