confused need opinions? pregnancy

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So I few days ago my husband had cold like symptoms and I got him up and better in 1 day. Well now I got it the day after him and it's been probably 3 - 4 days normally my immune system is better than that. Only reason I'm asking is because I've heard from some people that you do get flu like symptoms before they found out they were pregnant.
So symptoms are:
nazel congestion 
sore throat 
Want to trowing up but only upset stomach
Hungry 24-7
horrible head aches 
and want to sleep 24/7.
It seems like it's getting better sometimes but other times it feels like it's not. I've missed 2 days of work from it. My period is suposed to be due today and no hint of it I'm thinking of getting a test but hoping it's true. Me and my husband have been trying for months now. Thanks for the help.