Can I vent a minute??

Susan • 25 | 🌈 Lillian Grace | 🍯 Due 9.17
My boyfriend's mom came to town this weekend from the other side of the country to see him and her grandson whom she hasn't seen since he was 6weeks old (he's 6 years old now) 
While here she was here she bought us stuff she insisted we needed and was rushing us around all weekend. I'm grateful that she bought us a kitchen table and a dresser, which we needed, but she kept insisting that we needed more stuff. And that's really all it was was just stuff. 
She kept yelling at the kids and trying to control how they acted. She's a complete stranger to them but wanted the youngest to give her hugs and kisses and sit on her lap and love her. He doesn't like to hug or kiss people, no matter how well he knows them and he was getting very uncomfortable. 
Last night we went to the movies and he chose to hold my hand to cross the street after being forced to sit next to her the entire movie. She talked to my boyfriend behind my back about me not encouraging him to hold her hand and I had no idea it was an issue. When we got to the car I got the youngest buckled into his seat while my boyfriend locked the door so his mom couldn't get in. I had no clue what was going on at this point so I go around to the other side of the car to get in and she says to me "I appreciate you helping with the kids but I'm here for my grandson and you are not going to steal him from me"
I looked at her so confused and my boyfriend yelled at her for attacking me when I had no idea what was going on.
A screaming match ensued when we got home and she called me everything under the sun. My boyfriend defended me to the end of the earth. But I just couldn't believe how she acted towards me just because he chose to hold my hand instead of hers.
Thanks for reading all this. If anyone cares to discuss that would be great.