Support, advice, help?

Okay so I've had genital herpes for almost two years, I have outbreaks every once in a while but I can usually get them to clear up in a day or two. I no longer take meds cause I felt like as soon as I stopped I would have outbreaks nonstop so I just take care of them naturally now and I've had them less and less. Well I'm currently having an outbreak as of three days ago and this one is the worst by far. I usually get them on the outside of my vag along the lips but this time it's on the inside. I've tried keeping it clean (washing with warm soapy water three to four times as day and keeping it as dry as possible) but I have a lot of discharge and it's damn near impossible to keep it dry. It's not really painful but I'm swollen and uncomfortable. I'm just looking for some ideas or just general support I guess. Any help?