Hormones suck


So I am 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I was so ecstatic to reach this point (still am, don't get me wrong) but now I am not a happy camper.

For one I found out I am a bit low in iron and I plan to start the iron supplements BUT because of it I have been soooo exhausted. On top of that, I've been super grumpy! Which I try so hard to control but I just can't. I come off mean and at the moment I don't care but when I think about it later I regret it and feel bad.

To top it all off I keep wanting to cry which keeps me from sleeping even though I am exhausted! And I still have college classes to keep up on. I knew it wouldn't be easy but I had no idea just how difficult it can get.

Thinking of sad things makes me cry, thinking of how crabby I was that day makes me cry and even thinking of happy things makes me cry! There is just no winning.

To all you women who are in school pregnant or were in school pregnant, i tip my hat to you all. It is no easy task, please tell me how you manage or managed it! I feel like I'm hanging by a thread but at the same time I know I'm stronger than this!