Copper IUD Side effects

So, one thing I have to say is that I have a very analytical mind frame, so I am looking for answers that have truth value to them or from experience. I will likely disregard any negative comments that do not relate to my current situation!
Right now I have had the copper iud for a little over a month, I think going on two months now. I love how it keeps me worry free, however, I'm starting to worry. Since I got it I haven't had my period. When my boyfriend and I started having sex since I got it, we were using a condom abs he would pull out with the condom. We were very safe. We recently started having sex without it and he has only cum inside of me with it about 3-4times. I haven't been worried about it. But today I started having symptoms close to my period, like some small bleeding, bloating, cramping, and increased appetite. I'm not sure if I should be worrying about pregnancy since I haven't fully had my period yet. I understand that different woman react differently to the IUD.
My main questions are: should I take a pregnancy test?; should I be worried I haven't had a period yet?; when should I expect my period, if this is no big deal?