Am I pregnant please help

Basically I had sex a few days after my period finished! That was two weeks ago now and during expected ovulation time I used ovaluation tests yet they showed no LH surge so I think I ovaluated early!
​For a few days now my tummy has been really bloated and I am really windy! My tummy is quite tender when I even go for a wee he feels heavy! That hasn't stopped for days now.  Also got little spot on my aerolas! I have had headaches which is very unusual for me! I also have been having lower back pain!! Also had occasional waves of feeling sick sometimes in the morning and sometimes in the evenings! I also been majorly craving chocolate and am eating a lot more than usual! I am obviously going to have to wait until I miss my period yet from what I said could I be pregnant! Maybe I am just reading into it! But I am hopeful! Also I've been really tired aswel!!