cute coworker- HELP!

So I have this cute co worker at my work. He innocent and adorable and sooooo sweet. I always talk to him when he works (he is a courtesy clerk and I'm a produce assistant manager) and flirt and ask him about himself and his life. I buy him his favorite candy and give it to him and let him help me in produce when he doesn't want to bag. I have given him my number but I don't want to be too desparate and text him all the time! He's not a big texter or messenger. I feel like I have dropped tons of hints, but idk if he's just not into me or if he just hasn't picked up on the hints. Anytime I have to be in the checkstand checking, he comes to bag for me even if there's only a few items and we chat until I go back to produce. I NEED ADVICE ON HOW TO HANG OUT OR ASK HIM OUT. I don't want to seem desparate or anything or ruin our relationship. Thanks ladies!