did I do something wrong here?

Well... Okay. I was having a conversation with a friend about periods and her TTC. She's been trying for a while now for her second kid. 
I was talking about this app and how it tracks my cycles and tells me I'm ovulating and I said I wanted to take ovulation tests to see if it's actually right like just out of curiosity. I got off of my birth control like a year ago and have soley relied on condoms, been pretty reliable so far I just ended a period last week. I do not like the effects birth control has on me and believe me when I say I have been on every kind and I fucking hate it. 
Well, when I told her that her face turned red and she said "why? Are you trying to get pregnant? People who buy ovulation tests are trying to get pregnant" I said "no, I'm not. I'm just curious to see if my app is right it's just curiosity.." 
She said "well I don't understand why you even have an app that tracks ovulation" and at this point she's like defensive about it.
I said "I use to it to track my period, with that comes with all sorts of cycle information. It tells me when I ovulate and it tells me when my period will come.. I don't understand why that's bad. I also refrain from sex even with condoms when it lets me know I'm ovulating.. By buying the ovulation tests I'll know when I'm ovulating FOR SURE and then I'll know NOT to have sex..I'm just trying to keep really good track of my body. I'm not trying for a baby and even if I was I don't see how that could be an issue." She didn't say anything she just got up and left and didn't speak to me until the next day but she was being short with me. Tell me what I did wrong here and what I should do.