I need ADVICE 💔

Hey ladies so I'm in this tough situation with my baby's father I have 2 kids with him we've been together for 6 yrs and split 6 months ago I've been with seeing someone else which I absolutely love he's great; in every way we get along great but I'm always missing my ex I get jealous of him and other girls be he hasn't gotten into any relationship but I've heard he's been hanging out with a lot of girls :( Which hurts me every time I hear it even though I'm wth my boyfriend now I love him I do but it's not compared with my baby's dad , but it's just me and him been threw so much good and many many bad times and I feel like I go back it's going to be the same thing even though he's supposably changing and I don't know what to do if to stay moving on foward with my boyfriend which I fell for pretty hard to or go back and be a family once again half of my heart really wants to for my boys , they would love to have a family I feel like they deserve it but it's tough bc we also use to fight a lot and I don't want my boys growing up in that either /: Any. Advice I really have no one to talk to :(