Ok, let's get honest about alcohol....

Reading a post about the hubby drinking while the wife is pregnant and I think y'all might be doing life wrong! (Joking! Please don't attack me!)
I have a glass or two of wine every single night, as a minimum. Most nights that's the maximum, but.......do y'all not drink good wine? A really good bottle of red is almost as good as an orgasm. The rich full body, the complexity, the finish, the different flavors all working together to create this masterpiece. 
My mom is a sommelier, so we grew up with great wine on the table. I don't drink hard alcohol, beer is ehhhhhh, but wine.....oh but wine! 
And, for those who say alcohol is expensive - not if you don't want it to be! You can get GREAT wine for $10 a bottle! I'm particular to the Hann GSM right now, just a great blend. So yummy!
So, be honest, and don't judge other's answers, but how much do you really drink? 
ALSO, for clarification, I'm not pregnant and don't support drinking while pregnant.