Acne 😞

San β€’ ❀️🌎🐾
Guys adult Acnes SUCK!Β 
In my way to the dermatologist, a girlfriend ask me my face isn't that bad and should just accept it and I told her, that I've never had flawless face as long as I could remember growing up, this was a necessary step for me to do for myself, she just kept argue and finally I told her in a way hoping she would be more sympathetic with me, I said "you wouldn't understand babe" and she just cut me off saying "Wer going to argue so I'm not going to talk about this no more" and I felt bad about myself now cause really, I just wanted her to listen....😞 I'm 24 and my face acting like a teenager. I'm in a point in my career where I want to be comfortable in my own skin and be professional and I feel like I having Acnes always ruined it for me, I've tried to live life but it's always there!!  
Wish me luck guys! Here's me!Β 
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