baby kicking hip bone?

Nicole • Married 3 years! 💞 TTC for 3 years. MC 11/15. BFP 3/16. First baby due December 1st, 2016!!!
Hey ladies!
Thankfully I have my next midwife appy tomorrow so I'll be asking her then, but I wanted to see if anyone else has felt the same thing...
I'm 30 weeks with my first, and for the most part baby's movements have been typical, and not all that uncomfortable, but it seems the moment I turned 30 weeks, his movements are quite uncomfortable AND it feels like he kicks or head butts me in my left hip bone. 
Does anyone know if that's possible? Or experienced it yourself? 
Last appy, 2 weeks ago, my midwife said he is head down, and our 3D scan showed him head down as well. 
Curious if anyone else has or is experiencing this.