Anyone else in the tww???


Lets hear your symptoms 😄😄

Currently im 6dpo (i thought i was further along because i counted wrong. Im an idiot lol) and ive been getting lower back pain, creamy white cm, i usually have headaches, but mine are getting a little worse, im sleepy, but that's also normal for me lol. Im getting this fluttery/pinching in my uterus just off center to the left that kinda tingles down to my left thigh. Its kinda achy really... but nothing like af cramps. Just the tips of my nips are a little sensitive (usually they are numb kinda because i have big boobs). Im really praying this is my month after my mmc in july!!!! I went all out this month, preseed, bd a lot before and durring my fertile week, and used soft cups to keep everything... up there lol. Please share with me what youre feeling so far!!!! 😙😙