Sad topic, but need to vent to Mama's who understand.

Went to the doctor today. She had a hard time getting their fetal tone to register on the doppler, so she did an in office ultrasound they still were not cooperating. Sent me for a stat ultrasound at the hospital. After the ultrasound the tech came and told me my ob was on her way to the hospital and told me to stay put. My ob arrived to tell me the most heart breaking news that my twins had no fetal heartbeats. My heart is broken....more broken because I never thought I was going to have more children. I was so excited, nervous and scared when I found out but way happy. Now I am sad and lost. Afraid to ever try again. I am 15 weeks 3 days. I wish I new why this happened. I wish some one could explain. Just feel so heartbroken.