just recently diagnosed 😞

Hanna • I`m 23 and married to my best friend. Triplets due October 2017💙❤💙
I stopped BC in December after being on it for 8 years and had 3 cycles following that were somewhat irregular and I only ovulated on 2 of them. Well we didn't get pregnant those 2 cycles and I had not had a period since April, so I just went to my doc a few weeks ago and they did a vaginal US to confirm that I have pcos. I am a RN so I kind of suspected this but it's still devastating. They gave me provera to make me have a period and I'm currently on it now. I start clomid Friday (cd 5-9) and am hoping and praying that this works for us. Please everyone send baby dust my way and I will be praying for patience! The waiting game is terrible when you're oh so ready for a baby.