Do you think this is Braxton hicks?

So I'm 30w1d FTM and last night out of nowhere I started getting bad cramps along with some pain in my abdomin and in my cervix/vag. Also pressure above my cervix. Along with that I have what feels like pressure and tightening in my stomach. My baby was also moving a lot. I timed one and it tightened and stayed that way for a few seconds then stopped and within 2 minutes did it again. They don't last long at all and they're spread out some 10-8 mins apart and some 2-3. Then Ill get cramping. It also feels like I need to poop really bad but I don't.. Kinda like that having to poop tummy ache feeling but in my vag... Idek.... I'm clueless.. Idk what contractions or Braxton hicks are supposed to feel like.. What is this?:/