Mikayla • I am a college student majoring in Early Childhood Education. Searching for the person I'm supposed to spend my life with. I am also a full time nanny.
Okay, I want to clear some things up. How many people you have sex with is 100% up to you, but please, just take a second to step back if you are having sex with multiple guys and ask yourself why? Is it because you genuinely love it? Is it because you are numb to it because of something that happened to you? Is it because you want to feel loved? Just ask yourself why. I was raped (no I am not looking for pity. It's a part of my life and story and I have no bad feelings about it). After that though, sex didn't mean anything to me. I had sex with 2 guys afterwards, one resulting in a pregnancy and miscarriage, and I felt numb through it all. My miscarriage honestly made
Me take a step back and realize that I was just numbing myself instead of dealing with the pain. If you are dealing with something and that is why you are doing that, know that you will get through it. Know that there is a better solution. Know that you ARE loved and you ARE wanted and things will get better. And if you are not doing it for you, slow down for your future husband. Good luck❤️