i think i have a flirting problem

Help! I have a bf of 2 years who i lvoe. I am super friendly, always laughing and secretly rather talk to guys because it is so much less drama. Well in two of my classes i work with 2 guys. I dont intentionally flirt but have realized i may since they are starting to back. The class is super boring so im cracking jokes and laughing and having fun the entire time. Im not in anyway looking to lead them on. I honestly just want friends to hang out with. A few weeks ago an old friend and i were connected on facebook and i told him to text me to catch up sometime. Well an hour later hes accusing me of leading him on since. I like his pictures, gave him my number and dont have a facebook realtionship status. I just feel like any guy i meet cant just be my friend. What do i do??? Is anyone else like this? Im just a happy fun person. I havent asked anyone for a date, to hang out, get their number or do anything to further the "relationship". I just would like a guy friend even if we arent that close just because. My bf hangs out with girls and i dont mind because i trust him. Sorry for ranting its just that every guy thinks wants more than a friend for me.