please help - I'm newly single

Literally this happened out of nowhere. He's in the military and I'm in Italy. So Long distance but he knew I was moving going into this relationship. We have talked all day every day and skype every night, watching a tv show together. He sent me this huge care package with a letter. Like we were looking at houses together and he was looking at rings for me. We had a Pinterest wedding and home board together. He made a Twitter just for me so I could send him things. We not once had an argument or disagreement. Everything (I thought) was perfect. He said he couldn't wait to be together again, that I was the love of his life, that he couldn't wait to have a family with me. Everything. Then all night last night he was ignoring me. And then just sent those messages (I am the blue) and then after that has blocked me on EVERYTHING. I sent him a snap of a pic that I had of him and his dog Teddy, and he opened it and blocked me. He saw my message, and blocked me. And what I said at the end about him making his choice was because he made his fb thing to single before I could even send that. Or right after. I just need help with closure or something because I guess I will never get they and I don't even know what to think. I'm so hurt and I feel so blindsided. I just don't understand at all. * he has custody of his daughter Hannah and is currently fighting for sole custody and I have met her, and she likes me and I have been supportive and understanding and have helped him with all of the court stuff and even with Hannah's homework via skype so I just don't get his reasoning, AND not to mention I'm in Italy for a year. Maybe longer so I just... * Help. Anything. Thank you