baby shower

Ok so this is baby girl #3 for me. I'm getting anxiety just thinking I only have 41 days left and still don't have anything besides like 3 newborn outfits crib, swing and one swaddle blanket. Usually my mom throws me a surprise baby shower by not telling me when but will usually let me know she's making me one so she knows who to invite. Well I'm 34 weeks and still no shower I keep telling my husband we might not have one this time since my mom hasn't mentioned it at all. And i we usually would wait for the shower with our other two & whatever we didn't get we buy afterwards but looks like this time around we won't have one & I want to get the stuff we need before baby gets here since our last was born at 36 weeks and I'm so worried she can come early and I'm not prepared but my husband doesn't seem worried. He just says well get the stuff we still have time. Smh i wish I can set up the crib and stuff on my own and not have to wait on him. So annoyed 😒