Anyone else tired if the comments? Or am I just a grumpy pregnant woman?!

Ashley • I'm married to an amazing man, I have 2 little boys from a previous marriage. Thought I was done having children but my husband and I want another one so I joined this group!
I'm so tired of the "What happened to you?!" "Oh, a Christmas baby" "Your looking big already" "Looks like your about to pop" It's like these people have never seen a pregnant woman before. Due date is in December, yes, but that doesn't mean the baby will be born on Christmas and so what if she is?! And I'm sorry but when you have 13 weeks to go, the last thing you want to be told is your big. Yes you feel that way...but's not a compliment! I'm very thankful I'm pregnant but I'm so tired of the comments...anyone else?!