Rant of the day

Angela💗💗 • loving the new mom life with my adorable little princess. Can't wait to grow and learn as a mom and teach her how to be an independent little miss
I woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and a stuffy head. I went to the little pharmacy by my house and couldn't find anything I could take that was safe and I had nothing at home that was safe. I hit 10w tomorrow. I so nicely asked the pharmacist who so rudely answered with "if you don't see anything then we don't have anything" I almost flipped. She asked how far I was I said 10w. She goes "you are only 10w and you can't handle a simple head cold,children do it all the time since there isn't much they can take. If you really think you can't just ride it out take some Sudafed you have a lot more developing to do if you want to harm the baby like that taking drugs and this is just the beginning you're in for it" the b*tch walks away from me. I said excuse me? and looked at my husband who was just as mad as I was he said screw this place and we just walked out. I can't believe she said that to me. The nerve.