Postpartum Distance

It's been 3 weeks since I had my daughter. I've been very overly protective of her from my in-laws, and my SO. MY SO has no experience with children and I always have to tell him what to do and I'm feeling like it's affecting his ego. I'm also not the best person towards his paren because they're overbearing. They smothered my SO until he was 27 (till I made him move out). And now they want to smother my child, my SO, and I. They don't let us breath, have our own struggles and always looking to catch my SO if he fall in life and I snapped on them 2 weeks ago via text. But when I seen them in person they then realized I wasn't playing and kept my distance. They haven't bothered me since, but I see they text my SO all day and I'm sure they said something about me that's making him feel uncomfortable being in the middle and the tension has grown between us and we haven't been affectionate to each other. I feel like we're going down hill. Idk what to do. I just keep crying while he's at work and the baby is sleeping. I just want to have a family and not have no one to hover over us or have an opinion on how we parent our child. And I feel like my SO is too vulnerable and not man enough to face his parents or I for whatever reason he's created this tension. What should I do?