Getting frustrated!!

I am so ready to have my daughter.. okay so all my ultrasounds been putting my due date as Sept 21st well I go into my doctors today & he comes in & asks so do you know how many weeks you are I said my ultrasounds been saying today is my due date he goes well no you're only 39 weeks you're due tomorrow. I say okay whatever it's only a day off but I was already irritated so his response made it worse! Last week I asked him if I could set my date for my induction he told me no he wants her to come on her own & they won't induce me until I'm 42 weeks. So today he goes are you having any pains, a lot of discharge, pressure I tell him no then he asks were you induced with your son I said yes he says well I think it's gonna be the same with this one 😑. It just made me so mad because that's what I been said. So now Monday I have to go in for a NST, ultrasound & follow up. Oh & I forgot to say I asked for a membrane sweep his response was I really don't want to but if you don't make any progress next week I guess I will.. 😡 his response just made me so mad. I'm so ready to have her. Everything & everyone are just frustrating me lol.