I want a natural birth

A 💕
I want a natural birth, not because i want to "prove" anything, i know alot (not all of them) of mums want to go all natural to prove their body can do it etc but to me, a baby is the same no matter how it is born. Anyway, i want to go all natural because i genuinely have a fear of the canulars (dont know how to spell it) that go in your hand. I am okay with injections in arms or legs, I can just about bare bloodtests (although I do usually pass out afterwards as I am prone to fainting/seizures) but even the thought of a needle/tube going near my hand makes me go queasy and lightheaded just thinking about it. And the epidural is even worse.. im planning on a water birth and im hoping it all goes to plan, obviously if me or my baby are in danger i will do anything, but i am more scared of having needles in my hand than I am of actual childbirth 😭😩