still need help

PREV. POST: like i had PROTECTED sex w. my boyfriend today, but i didnt want ta have it. he ate me out nd tried ta stick it in but i said i didnt want to have sex but he kept going anyway and i cried the whole time. im 16 nd this is my second body count i really feel like a hoe.. like idk. i didnt want ta have sex bcus i knew i was going to feel this way but i feel kinda weird bcus he ddint respect my wishes nd we only been together fa a month so what should i do? 
***LIKE ive been talkn to my friends about it nd they dont see it as rape. some of em say it was my fault cus ik what i was going over there for but i didnt i really just wanted to chill..nd like no ones taking it serious which makes me scared to talk to an adult about it