"Comply or Die"


I have seen so many people saying the victims in these police shootings deserve to die solely because of the fact that they did not comply with a police officer. The person that was killed could be saying "what did I do?" And people are saying because they didn't blindly go with the police officer when they didn't understand what they did, that they deserved to die.

Questioning a police officers' actions is not illegal. Why can't the officer just answer the question? Why shoot? If they really believe something is wrong, why don't they try to communicate with the accused? And even if not complying with an officer was a crime, why are the accused not just arrested? Why do you all really believe these lives should be taken? I could understand if the accused was attempting to murder the officer, but that is not the case.

Police officers are not perfect. Not everything a police officer does is correct, especially when there is video evidence to prove they were not. I saw someone say police officers don't call for back up for no reason. That, again, is false. It happens all the time. Because the police force is a human based organization, human error can always occur. That's just like saying there are no corrupt pastors, when there most definitely is.

Teachers handle non-compliant students all the time without feeling the need to kill, and some of those students are way more dangerous than the victims of these shootings. If an unarmed teacher can handle a non-compliant student, how come some police officers, who are always armed on duty, can't handle a non-compliant civilian?

And how come these officers are not charged? What makes them so above the law that they can unjustly kill with no consequences?

I have no issues with police officers who do their job correctly, but I do have an issue with the ones who don't. That bomber in NYC could be taken away alive, how come a man with car trouble or a man reading in his car while waiting for his child at the bus stop can't?