Weird Dreams

Taylor • Herbal Tea Sipping Yogi: Living at 7,000ft in elevation among the pines. Married. Mama. Artist. Happy.
I'm a firm believe in my dreams; they're always vivid and provide insight that is always accurate. (It's crazy, I know!) Two nights ago, I had a dream that was a complete curve ball! In my dream I got a positive pregnancy test and when I looked up, I was looking at a calendar and it was for the month of January. 
I talked to my Husband this morning and we've decided to take a break until December/January to start trying again. We're going to take these few months and just focus on ourselves and continue working towards our dreams & goals. 
This is the last thing I wanted, but I'm going to listen to my dreams and see what happens, because I know they don't lead me astray. 
We won't necessarily try, but we're just going to go with the flow 💕 
Sending all of you beautiful ladies lots of pregnancy prayers, Baby Dust & fertile energy!! Good luck, Mamas 🙏✨🍂💛