I don't think I will be making it to November! **UPDATE**

I am in L&D the second day in a row having my blood pressure monitored. It has been ranging from 140-155/85-100.  Doc said if I go over 160/90 I will be induced immediately...and chances are I will be induced within the next 2 weeks anyway.
I am 35&3 and my EDD is Nov 2nd
As I type this my most recent reading was 157/93. So I'm not holding my breath on getting out of here until I have baby girl in my arms.
Cross your fingers for me and my baby girl. I have been anxious for weeks to have baby girl here soon. But now that it's a really real possibility I am terrified!
I have severe preeclampsia and am being induced right now!
Baby should hopefully be here tomorrow evening. Baby will be exactly one month early is everything goes as planned!