Paige • 18 years old. First time mommy! 💙11-11-16💙
So I have 4 things that I have questions about and I've already talked to my doctor about them and was blatantly ignored 😒
1) I'm currently 35 weeks and I've been losing weight over the last month or so. I've gained an overall 32 pounds in my pregnancy but I've lost 2 pounds in a month. My eating habits haven't changed at all so it doesn't make sense to me. Is it normal to lose weight in the 3rd trimester? 
2) I've been having extreme difficulty breathing. Now I know as my baby gets bigger it will get harder to breathe as he presses against my diaphragm but I'm talking like I feel like I'm suffocating. It's to the point where I'm gasping for air. 
3) My baby feels like he's already so low that it hurts to sit down. Is that normal?
4) I went into L&D a few weeks ago due to extremely bad contractions that had to be stopped. They claimed them to be caused by being dehydrated but I drink anywhere from 7-9 bottles of water a day. (Not regular bottles but like the sports water bottles) I've been having continuous contractions since then and they haven't let up at all.
Any advice on what I should do for any of these issues would be greatly appreciated. Please, nothing rude. Thank you!