Video Games!!!!!

I need some help! My fiancé plays video games ALL THE TIME! It's world of Warcraft, league of legends, Smite, heroes of the storm,etc... normally I do not mind. What he does it his spare time is his choice and I'll be happy as long as he is, but I can't just ever get him to "engage" in a conversation because he's gaming all the time, or he never texts or calls me back until 2 hours later because "sorry babe you know I can't pause this game." I played games with him all the time, but now that I'm in college full time and working I can't spend time with him gaming anymore:( he is not able to get into his college program for another year so when he's not working he's gaming and that's his life. It's just that now I have NOTHING in common with him and we can't find common ground to do something we. Both enjoy anymore because he doesn't like anything but games and that's the one thing my schedule won't allow. I tried playing with him every now and then when I have off days but he wants me to "commit" to it again and be a really good player which means playing for like 4+ hours a day with him and playing with him every now and then won't cut it according to him.and I don't have time for that at this stage in my life. What do I do? We are falling apart because we don't have anything in common anymore:(