So, this has been an interesting week. Last Tuesday my then boyfriend broke up with me because "he didn't have enough time for me and he didn't deserve me" which I bought the bullshit at first because he's supposed to take the MCAT in March. And start preparing for Med school. 
Well. I was heart broken thinking we're throwing away a relationship full of potential, we never fought nothing. He was crying when he broke up with me. So I was convinced he still loved me. And I was devastated. I could barely walk to my classes without crying. And so on. 
Then Friday night I was drinking by myself and I noticed on his picture he just posted a girl commented 😍 and he commented back with 😃😃😘😘 
So I texted him and was like "so there's another girl you're leaving me for?" And he responds back with "don't let social media dictate your relationships" "I told you what I told you so believe what you want" 
And I was like??? Wtf are you talking about. 
So then I was like no I want to believe the man I've been with has been faithful to me. And that I actually mean something to him. And you seem to be getting awfully defensive if you nothing is going on. 
Then he tries to be like "are you just mad because I'm not as upset as you about the break up? Because honestly I don't know what's going on here" 
I got pissed off. I have never seen this side of him. I was so pissed off. 
I sent him a long ass text. He didn't respond until yesterday morning. 
He sent a long text telling me that he is so sorry. That I deserve so much better than him. And that he is sorry douchey guys like him keep making their way to me. And that his intentions were never to hurt me. And that he has been talking to another girl. So I get pissed off sending him a long text asking him when and why and telling him off. So something tells me to message that girl. So I did. I was like "hey just a heads up, I have been seeing him from march up until 2 days ago. He's cheated on his ex girlfriends in the past, he cheated on me with you. So he'll probably continue to do the same" 
And she told me that he told her that I was just some girl who comments on his pictures. That she had no clue we were together. And I was like NO I WAS NOT JUST SOME GIRL I was like he just met my parents. We've been together for a while. So I started sending her pictures of us, text messages. Screenshots of snapchats and so on. She was doing the same. 
So she texted him calling him out on his shit. And he told her "you can't possibly believe her, she's just mad because I caught her cheating on me with some guy she told me not to worry about so I stopped talking to her and she's just mad now" 
So he fucked up there and she was like "oh but I thought she was just a girl that liked your pictures. And now all of a sudden you two were together and she cheated on you?" Nice try goodbye. 
So he lost both of us. I posted screenshots of our messages between us. Shamed his ass all over Facebook and other social media. So his friends and family knows and hopefully other girls won't date him. 
So moral of the story. Go with your gut feeling ladies. Don't accept less than you deserve and don't ever cry over a boy who doesn't deserve you in the first place.