so I've "learned" a few things

Rebecca • U.S Navy Sailor's wife. Married 12/30/15. First born on 01/02/17 Second Born 09/18/18 🧒🧒👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
Since getting pregnant.
"Don't sit down to fast. The baby will have a cleft lip if you do"
"Don't lean back on a wall because the baby will have birth marks on their body."
" Don't drink to much soda because the baby will be born purple, and die 2 hours later"
"Don't cross your legs because it'll cost brain damage, and the baby will be autistic" 
"Don't have to much sugar or the baby will have diabetes" 
"Don't put a heating pad on your back because it will burn the baby, and probably kill it"
I wish people would keep their opinions to themselves... I have had three ultrasounds and in all three the tech said my baby is the healthiest baby to come through her room. 
What other crazy things have people heard during their pregnancy?