I need advice please! thanks 😄

So this will be long sorry in advance. My bf and I have been together for a year now (both 18). And even though we wont think about kids until our late 20s, I'm still a little concerned. I have health problems (both mental and physical) and my body does not handle pain well AT ALL. So I don't see myself wanting kids one day. Although I would love to adopt (why should I bring a new life into the world when there are already ones out there looking for a home?). But he really wants kids. And he doesn't want to adopt. I know we aren't going to have kids anytime soon but I'm scared this is going to cause problems down the road... We were texting last night and I brought it up and he said "Well, honestly, I'd need to know if u want kids before I make any long long commitments". It almost sounds like me not wanting kids would make him leave me. I'm heart broken over it. Help please. (And we are a good couple btw. We really click and love each other a lot. He treats me right. Just worried about this.)