Bleeding at 5 weeks πŸ˜”

Im 5 weeks almost 6 and I had a little bit of bleeding after I had sex. So I laid down hoping it would get better. I got back up to check and I was bleeding real heavy Β little bit of clotting. So I went to the er to make sure that I wasn't have a miscarriage. I got to the hospital and I had to pee in a cup to see if I was pregnant an it came back positive. They did some bleed work and a ultrasound to make sure everything is okay. They told me that couldn't see nothing on the ultrasound because I'm still early in my pregnancy. My blood work showed that my hcg level is 1100 so my doctor wanna keep and eye on that. I have to come back in 2 days to get my hcg rechecked. If it decreases I'm going to have a miscarriage. If it raises my baby is okay. I just pray that it doubles instead of lowing. This is my first pregnancy and I really don't want to lose my baby.