I need some hope..

Brooke • Brooke. 22. Married to the love of my life. TTC baby number 1. :)
It's been a little while since I posted on here. In June I had a miscarriage with what would have been our first baby. My husband and I have been trying for a year this month. When I was pregnant with the baby we lost, I felt pregnant. I felt cramping about 6 days after ovulation. I knew I was pregnant. I had one single positive test. I felt some symptoms and I was about 4 days late before I got my positive test. we were so excited. His career was finally started. We were out of college. We both worked full time. Bought a home. We are so ready for a baby. Then, the worst happened. We were broken. Since then, my periods kinda got back to normal. Was on time again. And now... I'm late again. By four days. I kinda feel pregnant. No symptoms. No signs of starting. But all negative tests. I'm so scared of the worst happening again. I am terrified to even take a test. We want our baby so bad. Please someone give me some hope. Has anyone else had issues getting a positive test after being late? And they were really pregnant?