Need advice!

Sorry if this is long! I am currently 27 weeks pregnant. I had a miscarriage 19 days before I concieved this baby. Well, the day I found out about my first pregnancy my sister was told that day that she could not have kids. My mom was unaware of that fact, well we all were unaware, and told my sister (I gave her permission to). Some of you may know me from the 'Homeless and Pregnant' post. So you know, I lost the first baby 2 days after my 30 days clean. (This is important) So anyways, now I'm out of treatment and doing ok, working, got a 99 Buick, had a place to stay and now I end up getting pregnant again 19 days later. I didnt know I was pregnant and just kept on doing my thing. Ended up getting an apartment with my boyfriend, its small but living on the street to this, we are so grateful.

When I find out I am pregnant I decide this time I should tell my sister myself. So she's the first person I tell. I am extremely sensitive to her infertility issues and told her I didn't know if it would make her feel better if she was involved in my pregnancy. She seemed OK with the news at the time. I was about 13 weeks. Fast forward to now and she wants nothing to do with me. I've tried all different approaches as I know how hard that must be. I was a wreck just having the miscarriage. She has taken this anger so far as to walk right past me in public twice! Didn't say a word. My back was to her so I didn't stop her either not . knowing it was her until after. My mom hopes that she will come around after the baby is here but with how she's acting I really don't know. The holidays will be so awkward, are wr going to pretend I dont have this huge belly?! I really don't know what to do.