Proud mommy over here!

My 3 year old son is the most caring child I know. We always donate things to my church who personally delivers items to a place in West Virginia. Most people in this town dont have running water, electricity, they are a very poor town we call "Appalatia" in much need of help. 
Anyway! Our house was so overwhelming with toys, most of which our son didn't play with. So we sat down and helped him go through them and aloud him to desided what he wanted to keep and what he wanted to give to children who don't have anything. This picture is him and everything we have decided to donate (including outgrown clothing and shoes). Even with all of these toys leaving our house we still have a huge toy box full and a big book shelf with about 6 bins full. 
I am just so extremely proud of him and how accepting he is to give to the less fortunate. He would say "Mommy this Elmo is for baby's. Im a big boy now, maybe it will make a baby laugh." 
We are a family that would rather go to the park, hiking, board games, crafts, adventures, etc so we are never home and As much as we are trying to simplify on material things such as unused toys, he has his bday and Xmas comming up so my house will be back to being crazy again 🙄😒 grandparents on both sides over spoil. 
I think it is so important to get my son involved in helping others. We collect items for Appalatia and we help our church sort them and pack them up to be delivered (we helped in collecting over 10,000 items this year alone!!!) and we also are involved in a food pantry where we help hand out food to those in need. 
Just wanted to post this because I am so proud of my son and the person he is becoming at such a young age.