help I'm going crazy

So I had sex on July 26 and we used condom which didn't seem to break and he never finished too! Next day I felt stressed so took plan b just in case as that is my first time having sex. A week later had some spotting/light bleeding and then around the expected time I think I got a period which seemed heavy too! I took a pregnancy test after that period and came out negative and then decided to get on alesse 28 and didn't really get a normal period during the sugar pills and on sept 14 I took another pregnancy test and came out negative and it's been two months since I had sex! And I'm still stressing if there's a chance I could be pregnant as I've heard that women still bleed and all that, can you tell me what you think according to my story ? And would I get a positive pregnancy test by now ? I have had two dreams of me being pregnant and I'm freaking out if that means anything or I'm just going crazy U