HELP!!! Going back to work and currently EBF... should I supplement with formula?

Dana • Wife 11.21.11 - Mom of Rae 8.14.16 & Jax 9.6.19
Hey ladies, I am in desperate need of advice. I am going back to work tomorrow and I am freaking out because I didn't make a huge freezer stash of milk for my EBF baby. I tried, but my body just isn't making enough milk for me to feed her and have extra left over. I only make just enough for her to eat, no matter what I do! I think I have about 10 ounces frozen (give or take 1-2 oz), but I am freaking out that this will not be enough for her. I am wondering if I should supplement with some kind of formula today so that I can try to pump to have extra for her... I don't even know if she will take the formula since she has only had breast milk since day one. She is used to a bottle, as I said I have been pumping, mainly for when we go out or when my husband gets home from work so he can feed her. Did anyone else go through this? Am I just losing my mind because I'm going back to work? 😫😫😫