Delayed Chord Clamping

Ash • Married 8.2.2014. 1st Boy 11.24.16. 2nd Boy 8.27.18

My husband read an article about delayed chord clamping and since then he has been very adamant about doing that. So we asked my Dr today who laughed. He said "Oh boy, another fad."

He's an older man who has been a dr for 40 years. He proceeds to tell us that the chord normally doesn't get cut for a couple minutes in a healthy delivery. However, waiting until the chord runs dry is unrealistic. It's a two way street. The placenta is pushing what's left into the baby but the baby is still connected and baby's blood is going back through the chord and is bleeding out of a detached placenta. So he highly suggested we don't wait any longer than a few minutes to cut the chord.

I'll take what my Dr said over an article but I was so surprised by this! My husband too. It makes sense. And I'm glad we asked! Has anyone else heard of this or planned on doing it?