Husband's scary sleep habits 😳

Does anyone's husband/boyfriend/SO cause problems while they sleep? Seems such a strange question but my husband is getting worse and worse while he's asleep and it's starting to really affect my sleep and it's worrying me for our safety too!
He's terrible for snoring so loudly that our neighbors can hear! That's bad but it's not the worst part. If I tell him to roll over while he's doing it he usually stops for long enough that I can sleep. Problem is, if I ask him to do anything, it takes him ten minutes from me speaking to him for him to wake up. Like he talks to me and stuff but he's just so confused and usually just talks rubbish at me for ages. I have to shout at him and like really push or shove him to try and wake him. He just won't wake up. It scares me that in an emergency I'll be dealing with it alone. We have a young daughter and I have ME/Fibromyalgia so night-time emergencies are quite realistic for us. 
Does anyone have any advice? Sometimes I worry that he might lash out because he can get quite nasty. I know that sounds bad but he's completely asleep - it's like when people say not to wake sleepwalkers in case they're aggressive! He doesn't know he's doing it and has no recollection in the morning. 
Pleaaaaase, somebody help! Any advice wild be soooo greatly appreciated; even if it's just telling me you're husband is the same! He doesn't understand how scary it is for me through the night when I speak to him. Maybe if he reads some comments and advice here he might listen and take me seriously.
Thanks for reading this all if you're still here! Much love ❤️💜💙