Emergency c-section long

I have been borderline preclampsia. I was monitoring my BP at home and on bed rest

Sunday evening I got this unusual pain just under my right breast. It got worse with in an hr. We are an hr from the hospital my OB delivers at. So we decided to go get checked.

Got to ER. Pain was more intense and bp was 166/98

I got admitted and they started 24 hr urine protein.

For weeks I have been retaining fluid.

I got pain meds but they only helped temporarily.

Monday morning they did an ultra sound. Baby was fine. They measured her to be 5lb 11oz.

All day Monday nothing but rebound pain from the meds. Tuesday morning they ultra sounded my gull bladder. It had a little fluid. But wasn't the source of pain.

Within 20 minutes the nudes came and said that my ob was going to do a c-section because of HELLP syndrome and preclampsia

If you aren't aware of these two diagnoses please read about them.

It could save someones life.

I delivered a healthy 4lb 13 oz baby girl

I thank God for my OB.