Please prayers😭😭

I have a nine year old and a ten year old. Since the day I had then I don't ever imagine my life without them. They are everything to me. I'm sure you all here get me when I say everything!!!! My son is in the hospital right now since Saturday😢😪 it all started by me and my daughter not feeling well. A bad cold that has gone untreated for my self and she was coming down with somethings. I decided thanks to God, to go into quick med. me and my daughter had the suspected cold.  My son had low oxygen level. Ever since told that things are getting worse multyplied by tens. That escalated to he might have pneumonia I wish it was that now. Then it was he has miliary tuberculosis😭😢 that's bad but even that I prefer. Yesterday I was taking to a lonely cold and the bad delivery news room at the hospital with my SO. To hear words that I never imagined would be said to me. Being that I've never had a illed child. Colds and fever is all I ever dealt with when babies. Lord give me strength please!!! I was told my sons ct scan looks like he has thyroid cancer and it's all contained in his lungs. Please please please help me pray that his biopsy says otherwise. Please moms and moms to be. Please help me intervene for my son before our Good Lord. I want my baby for ever with me.