Hypocritical pro life friend

This is more of a venting post;

Small backstory.. I got pregnant at 14 and decided an abortion was the right decision for me. I was 14. A friend of mine got pregnant at 15 and decided to keep her baby, which I mean power to her for being able to. For YEARS I've dealt with her shaming me for it even after I'd come to terms with my decision(very on and off friendship). Now, 6 years later I am still childless and content. She had her 2nd baby 6 months ago. I got a call from her last week asking how to go about an abortion. I guess since she is breastfeeding she is not on birth control and she has fallen pregnant. She still lives at home and says she wants a house and to be married before she has her next baby so she will be getting an abortion. And this is so frustrating for me! I got criticized and judged and any time we had a fight it got thrown in my face. But now because it's her life and it's under her circumstances it's perfectly fine. Wtf?