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Brittany • Im 21.. Marrying my best friend on 2-21-2015♥

I am overly tired of hearing " ugh im just so paranoid of being pregnant" or " omg he came inside me and its been a day and i have all of the pregnancy symptoms".

I keep seeing these from little girls 13-16 year olds.

IF you are sooo terrified of becoming pregnant hold off on sex, explore yourself first. Know how to make yourself feel good before takin a pregnancy risk and letting a man make you feel good.

Plain and simple; EXPLORE YOURSELF.

If you have hidden feelings that you want to be pregnant then say it dont keep acting like a little school girl be an adult say i am young but i want this baby but what are my odds of concieving.

Go buy a .88 cent pregnancy test take it two weeks after your missed period. Then youll know.

If you abesoulty dont want a child, condoms bitth control, absense.

Pull out method is not 100% pregnancy preventable, men will tell you oh its fine. They are not women they do not know. They just hate the feel of rubber on their wood pecker.

Birth control by its self is noy 100% my mom got pregnant 4 times on BC.

Hot tubs are not 100% my mom got pregnant with my big brother in a hot tub.

So to be safe and prevent as best as you can birth control and condoms.

* i dont care if i did not hit anonymously i am an adult and mature and i do want a child but i do understand the "what if" question young girls have but some are just repeats*