low progesterone due 5/20 (ish)

I am 7w5d. I started spotting at 7w1d. 
I started freaking out, but knew I had an appointment scheduled first thing in the morning at 7w4d. 
Long story short, my doctor showed no concern over the spotting and said that she just wanted to run full labs. 
I got a call a few hours later. My baby levels look very good (YAY!!!!) but my progesterone is very low (BOO). My level was 4.4. 
They immediately called in a progesterone suppository that I take every night vaginally. One is 200 mg and another that is 100 mg. Along with injections twice a week. Once again my doctor made it seem like a relatively common thing, and not to be too worried. 
Has anyone ever dealt with low progesterone during pregnancy? 
I got pregnant 2 weeks after my wedding, so I'm not sure that I always have low progesterone, maybe just during pregnancy. 
This whole thing is so strange to me but I'll do whatever it takes to make this work!